The history of development of Production unitary enterprise «BelKukla»         open joint-stock company «Aktamir»

1953 — the department of manufacturing toys was created in Mogilev alongwith the artel «Proletariy».

1961 — the factory of toys for children was organized.

1962 — the manufacturing building was put into operation in Rezervnaya Street, produced 300 thousand of toys a year. The toys were made of pressed wood pulp with soft filling (cottonwool) arms & legs.

старая кукла

Factory production in 1965

1969 — producing the toys from plastic. Introduction of extrusion blow molding equipment (maсhines type 32066 «Buzuluk» — 9) and casting maсhines. Production volume of dolls was 2,5 mln rubles in a year due to new equipment.


Blowing machines «Busuluk» — 1970

1971-1975 — Production volume was increased in  175% and made 4,9 mln rubles in 1975 because of steel press- forms in automatic equipment.


Production building — 1975

1978-1989 — advanced technology of manufacturing dolls with the method of rotation was put into operation of PVC. The improvement of the quality of the production. 2 rotating settings «NG-77» were put into operation.

Ротационное формование

Rotational molding on the NG-77 — 1986

28.09.1989 – Mogilev factory «Mir» was organized.

1985-1990 – First the time in the country it was produced dolls with soft filling body, height 600mm with PVC-details, for example the doll «Andrusha». The dolls-heroes of fairy-tales were produced: little Red Riding Hood, Malvina, Buratino, Pjero, Snowwhite and seven Dwarfs, toys-images — Chipollino, Micky Mouse and so on. 2 rotating settings «Rotaut» were put into operation which were produced in Italy. The variety of production is more than 100.

1996 — Mogilev factory «Mir» was reorganized in «Svitanak».

2000 — Factory «Svitanak» was reorganized in Production unitary enterprise «Svitanak» open joint-stock company «Aktamir».

1991-2002 – it was started manufacturing of dolls with soft filling body of new images and PVC baby dolls, height 250-400mm.

2003 – Manufacturing of dolls has been organized in Gomel branch where it was put into operation technological equipment.

2004 – Production unitary enterprise «Svitanak» was reorganized in Private Unitary Enterprise «Svitanak» open joint-stock company «Aktamir».

2014 – Private Unitary Enterprise «Svitanak» open joint-stock company «Aktamir» was reorganized in Production unitary enterprise «BelKukla» open joint-stock company «Aktamir».