Manufacturing of toys including dolls consists of a wide variety of technological processes, casting and sewing manufacture, painting, assembling and packging. To increase the quality of the production it is necessary to modernize the manufacture, to look for update accessories and materials, to order technological equipment.
Each doll begins with the manufacture of a arms, legs, body and head. To make them we use special rotating ovens to cast PVC-details and injection molding machines to cast plastics details.
It’s necessary to put eye-mechanisms into eye pockets which consist of a lot of details. They are casted with injection molding machines and prepared at the assembly area. Then it’s necessary to sew dolls deads with artificial hair. It’s done with a help of special wigsewing machines. Heads with hair are brushed and sent to be painted. Then the doll has its lips and eyebrows. Ather dolls are given to be hinged and they start looking like a real dolls.



After that dolls will be dressed. There is a sewing department where cutting and sewing of dolls dresses is done.



The packaging plays an important role in trade. Dolls must be delivered propeply. Dolls are put into the box and sent to shops. We want our dolls to bring happiness both to children and to parents.